Four Seasons of Activities at River Ranch in McCall, Idaho

trapper cabin mccall

The magnificent beauty that envelops this picturesque private home site development is just the beginning of the numerous hallmark features of River Ranch.

Summer is the time of year to launch a multitude of activities from your home at River Ranch! On site, enjoy fishing for Smallmouth Bass or Rainbow Trout from one of the 3 community lakes. Those same lakes are a great place to hone your skills on a paddleboard or kayak, canoe or small sail boat before navigating the Payette River or Payette Lake.

If you are a cyclist, the North Valley Rail Trail starts its journey South on River Ranch property. It flows South several miles and links up to many paved or dirt road riding options.

Speaking of cycling, the long awaited mountain bike trail around Payette Lake has been completed, thanks to the work of groups like the Central Idaho Mountain Bike Association. The trail traverses the ridge above the western edge of the lake. This completes the first phase of the trail, which will eventually circumnavigate the entire body of water lake!

This time of year is for picking Huckleberries, and it’s a bumper crop! Ponderosa Park is a great place to pick them. Go up in elevation as the lower elevations get picked or dry up.

With Fall being around the corner, the hustle and bustle of McCall slows down but it becomes favorite time of year! The Aspen trees are turning gold, as well as the Tamarack (also known as Western Larch). This tree is unique to this latitude they are the only deciduous conifer, their needles turn bright gold and display a couple weeks, then fall to the ground creating a carpet of soft goldens needles! Fall is a great time for mountain biking and hiking.

Once the snows come in late November, early December, its time to get out the cross country skis. River Ranch is a great place for early season XC skiing as it does not take much snow to cover up the mowed home sites. Once the snow gets deeper, skiing on wider touring skis is a great way to experience the river. Its possible to follow the Payette on skis the full 2.5 miles as it flows along the edge of the property.

Another magical winter activity presents itself once there have been a few freeze/thaw cycles in mid to late winter. Then its possible to ski or fat tire bike everywhere the eye can see as the deep snowpack has become supportable! We call it crust skiing or crust biking or cruising and its as good as it gets. This is one of my favorite ways to show off the property to those so equipped. If you don’t own XC skis or a fat tire bicycle, there are several places in McCall to rent them.

The bottom line is River Ranch reflects the lifestyle and reason people discover and relocate to McCall, Idaho – either part or full time.
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~ Chris Reino, realtor

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