History of River Ranch

The evolution of the River Ranch property is as rich and interesting as its history and the part the owners have played in the past, present, and future of McCall, Idaho, and the Ranch itself.

From The Beginning

One only needs to spend a few moments at River Ranch  to realize that there is something very special about the property, and its owners, that are worthy of a tale that will explain how the land has been so well preserved over time …  and its future so well thought-out.

The story starts well over 30 years ago when two families, Judd and Diane DeBoer and Dennis and Kathy Hart, saw an opportunity to purchase what was a long standing cattle ranch on the outskirts of McCall.   Draw by the land’s rich soil, wandering pastures, magnificent scenery, and crystal mountain waters of the Payette River, the long-time friends, and now partners, immediately knew that this was a treasure to behold and protect for generations to come.

The Families

Diane and Judd DeBoer live in McCall, Idaho.  Diane (Brown) DeBoer was born and raised in this community where her family is still well known for the contributions her grandfather, Carl Brown, and father, Warren Brown, made to this bourgeoning mountain town.  Carl immigrated to McCall in 1910 – after which time he established the town’s sawmill on the shores of the Payette Lake during the boon of the region’s logging years.

Through time, Carl’s son, Warren, took the helm of the operation which was the economical main stay of McCall.  Adding to the town’s assets, Warren envisioned a ski resort to enhance the economy of the region and developed Brundage Mountain. Today, Diane and Judd continue to enjoy their mutual passion for the great outdoors as the current owners of the ski resort which is still well known for its 20,000+ acres of terrain and ‘The Best Powder Skiing in the West.”

Kathy and Dennis Hart currently reside in the resort community of Incline Village, Nevada, on Lake Tahoe’s North Shore.  For those who know the Harts, that’s not surprising; avid skiers and outdoor enthusiasts, Kathy and Dennis always admired the lifestyle that comes with living in the mountains – and right on a lake.

Dennis grew up in Colorado in a family with eight brothers.  As one can imagine, their lives overflowed with outdoor activities in the high elevation.  It was not uncommon for Dennis to spend hours on end fishing, hiking, and building his own zeal for the value of the lifestyle that he and Kathy continue to enjoy today.  As an outdoor enthusiast herself, Kathy has challenged and explored ski trails and the distant backcountry of mountains all over the world.

Together, Dennis and Kathy h ave raised three children – all of whom share their appreciation for all that Mother Nature has to offer.

The River Ranch Partnership

From the moment the DeBoer’s and Hart families purchased what is now River Ranch, there was no question in their mind that they would invest relentless time, talent, and treasure to preserve what is one of the West’s finest locations to live the lifestyle that they have all come to know and love.

For several years, the partners maintained the property’s cattle operation yet soon realized the land, and the soil’s nutrients, needed some tender loving care.  Within time, they planted Seed Oat which was then sold to ranchers throughout the West.

Today, the property overflows with fresh water ponds, lush green fields, and over 4,000 trees that the families planted throughout its 458 acres and along its private two and a half-mile stretch of the Payette River.

There is no question that the partner’s common thread of appreciation of the Ranch and it extensive natural assets fuel their vision to protect all that the property brings to life for its residents today and generations to come.

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