Some Call It Stewardship. We Call It Our Honor.

The story starts well over 30 years ago when two families saw an opportunity to purchase what was a long-standing cattle ranch on the outskirts of McCall.

Drawn by the land’s rich soil, wandering pastures, magnificent scenery, and crystal mountain waters of the Payette River, the long-time friends, and now partners, immediately knew that “River Ranch” was a treasure to behold and protect for generations to come.

Today, when we look at the land that is now a pristine riverfront ranch, we continue to appreciate the management of something so entrusted to one’s care of the property’s natural resources.

Nothing has changed. Yet everything has changed.

While chatting with Mike Hart, President of River Ranch, he further defined the preservation efforts that have become iconic to our ranch development – noting “nothing has changed, yet everything has changed.” 

When you look out and overthe 458 acresthat encompass the property, there is no question that Mike’s words solidify the fact that the landscape has been well preserved over time, and its future so well thought-out.

Last month we were holding our breath to see if the investments we made in organic products for the soils, lakes, and trees would take hold and produce the results that the property deserves.  Thanks to some significant research and good-old-fashioned local advice from Alpha Landscape in Cascade, the land in the sections that were treated with our now favorite Biosol products is rich with nutrients and bright green colors.

With abundant senior water rights and wells to supplement the rare dry winters in this part of the inter-mountain West, we at River Ranch are blessed with flowing waters throughout our inter-connected manmade lakes and streams in addition to the natural beauty along our private 2.5 mile stretch of the Payette River. Responsible stewardship is also about being prepared for whatever may arise. So even though we have never had to worry about algae growth in our continuously flowing water-ways, we have taken the time to source products that can be used if a future need were to arise.

One such effort is in the identification of GreenClean Pro, an EPA-registered non-copper algaecide that is completely biodegradable – the latter of which is a critical part of the philosophical approach that has always been a part of our stewardship efforts.

And there are other benefits as well.  Now that Mother Nature seems very pleased with the care that we have provided, the environment is much more stable and doing well on its own.  With that benefit, we can save money on labor and at times deploy that workforce into more beautification projects.  Watch for lots of colors to appear in and around the Community Ranch House, bike paths and water features real soon!

A pretty nice place, in a pretty nice place.

Just a few moments on the property and it’s real obvious that the spring snow melt is every indication of a super summer ahead.  From the Payette River that flows through our ranch development in Idaho to rapid-running rivers and streams throughout McCall, it is a river rafter’s dream come true.

Match that up with what’s to come for our summer fishing and hiking season, and we can all look forward to a classic summer throughout Valley County and the Payette National Forest.

All combined, those who seek a better place to raise a family or build a second home are taking note.  We continue to see strong sales activity with early season tours and an impressive level of interest overall.

As stewards of the land at River Ranch, that just feels real good.

Whenever we do something on the property, we take the extra time to review the decisions that need to be made to ensure they are environmentally and economically viable for our residents today, and their generations to come.

And we are honored to do so.

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