Why Are “Lot Study” and “Intelligent Design” Smart Ideas for Property Investors? They Make Good Cents.

River Ranch Home Development in McCall, Idaho Unveil New Lots Studies, Intelligent Design Initiatives

When searching for the best investment for land on which you want to build a new home, just ask the property owners at River Ranch.  They will be the first to tell you all about the value that comes with the professional Lot Studies and ‘Intelligent Design’ programs that are strategically incorporated throughout this ranch home development in Mc Call, Idaho.

For the past few months, the River Ranch team has been assessing its parcels through a new “Lot Study” program.  The result is comprehensive topographical drawings that identify a parcel’s property lines and other key features that will help define a home’s setting, architectural design, and owner responsibilities.

Knowing where one’s property line starts and stops is certainly important; yet at River Ranch, when the Improvement Envelope stops, the landowner’s responsibilities stop as well.

As a landowner, one is only expected to maintain the parcel within the boundary of the building and landscape envelopes.  All additional landscaping and property maintenance is completely handled by River Ranch’s professional staff.

You can also say ‘good-bye’ to any concerns one may have over the upkeep of the development’s additional assets.  The Community Ranch House, Trapper Cabin, fresh-water lakes, bike and Nordic cross-country trails, expansive 2 ½ mile frontage along the Payette River, and the forested lands and meadows continue to be preserved and protected year-round through the HOA program.

To see a sample of one of the many Lot Studies that are now available for review, click here.  Other Lot Studies can be accessed by contacting River Ranch Sales Director Chris Reino at 208 630 4666.

What Are the Benefits of “Intelligent Design?”

Once the lot boundaries have been defined, River Ranch embarks on its “Intelligent Design” evaluation and implementation.

According to River Ranch’s President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Hart, “intelligent design is a process coordinating land contours, view corridors, trees, and solar transits from season to season in order to designate building and improvement envelopes within each parcel that maximize the unique attributes of every lot.”

At River Ranch, each lot represents a fine example where the team’s efforts  transformed the envelopes of the Ranch’s homesites to include appropriate contours, banks, and other landscaping solutions in and around each of its five to ten-acre parcels.  Throughout the property’s 458 acres, expansive views surround well-planned pathways and pristine lakes welcoming friends and family to enjoy the great outdoors.

All combined, it presents a setting that is artfully prepared for a home designed with uninterrupted vistas, expansive windows, seasoned plantings to ensure privacy, and other features to enhance the property’s ambiance and overall value.

In short, River Ranch has invested years of research and resources to make the most of each property’s ‘outdoor space’ and cultivated an environment that compliments its pristine setting on the edge of the Payette River.

All of which is part of the continued generational stewardship program at River Ranch.

Take A “Discovery Trip*” On Us … and Stay at Trapper Cabin

As the classic saying goes “You have to see it to believe it.”   And we’d welcome the opportunity to show you additional Lot Studies while you enjoy “Fall in McCall” as our guest* at River Ranch’s own Trapper Cabin.

Inspired by the historic era of the 1820’s, Francois Payette, and the mountain men, the Trapper Cabin at River Ranch has become an iconic benefit to those who live within our Ranch community.   Inside and out of this classic guest house, its elegance takes you back in time without sacrificing the creature comforts of today yet is outfitted to match generations gone by.

The natural beauty throughout the home continues just steps outside the front porch where you can start to enjoy so much of the charm that makes River Ranch such an idyllic spot to call home.

Discover River Ranch and McCall this fall. Contact Chris Reino at River Ranch at 208-630-4666 today for complete information about our Lot Studies program and Discovery Trips* to River Ranch.

* Discovery Trip includes a two-night stay in the Trapper Cabin (for pre-qualified potential buyers) with a commitment to tour the property. Eligible travel expenses will be reimbursed to those who purchase a property at River Ranch. Contact Chris Reino for complete details.

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