River Ranch: A “Call to the Wild” for Snowmobile and Fat Tire Bike Enthusiasts

There are many reasons why Forbes travel writers consistently choose Idaho as one of the best places in America for adventure, year-round.  With hundreds of miles of groomed track and open fields for snowmobiling and fat tire enthusiasts, all wrapped with some of the most gorgeous settings in the West, we must agree.

Whether you stay in and around River Ranch to explore our groomed trails on a fat tire bike, or head out for an exhilarating day of snowmobiling, McCall, Idaho sets the scene as its own “Call to the Wild” for any fan of the great outdoors.

Get Your Motor Running

Right now, winter is in full swing with locals and tourists alike enjoying the crisp air, clear blue skies, and pure white powder that beckons as a background for endless family fun.

For those who have a passion for snowmobiling, or are first timers who have the sport on their ‘bucket list,’ Idaho’s West Central Mountains are just the beginning of the breathtaking scenery and guaranteed snowpack that await the novice to the most advanced snowmobile enthusiasts.

According to the McCall Snowmobiling Club, “The area offers over 500 miles of groomed trails, breathtaking bowls, and more backcountry powder than you can cover in a lifetime.” This well-respected organization is just one of the numerous groups that offer a gold-mine of information, services, rentals, and guided tours.

If you want to rent equipment or take a tour with a true local’s point of view, we recommend Brundage Snowmobile Adventures for an experience you won’t want to miss, with views you will never forget!

Looking for something a little more on the wild side?

Check out Burgdorf Hot Springs, Secesh Stage Stop and the living ghost town of Warren, Idaho for excursions that will take you overnight to explore the ‘back country’ of our own hometown.

Snow Bikes at River Ranch McCall IdahoGet Fat and Wild in McCall

Whether you choose to get outside and try the (relatively) new sport of fat tire biking, or prefer a peaceful soak in a hot tub on-site, River Ranch continues to enhance the experience of living a good life in Idaho.

Just last week we opted for the most adventurous choice and headed out on our fat tire bikes to unplug and recharge our wild side.

The good news is that fat tire bikes offer a unique experience and allow you to explore familiar trails in a new light. There is no bad news. Whether you explore the miles of snow-covered bike trails from River Ranch, into town and back again, or head out on the iconic railroad tracks that line the outskirts of McCall, the options are plenty and promise a good time for all.

Just a short drive from the entry gates at River Ranch, the Activity Barn allows fat bikes on their groomed Nordic trails and Bear Basin welcomes them on the snowshoe trails as well.

Experience our Wild Life.  Inside or Out.

Lucky for our residents, if their idea of the perfect way to enjoy a wintery landscape is to sit by the fire, gaze out the window and watch a different kind of wildlife – with a fine glass of wine in hand – they need to go no further than their own ‘home sweet home’ right here at our private residential community on the edge of the Payette River in McCall, Idaho.

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