Valley County Named #1 in America for ‘Length of Life’ & ‘Healthiest County in Idaho’

River Ranch GatehouseIt’s not very often when a small-town community, and its entire county, are ranked #1 out of 2,300 U.S. counties for “Length of Life” and the “Healthiest County in Idaho.”  Just this past month, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation came out with their 2017 national county health rankings and once again, our county and community took the top ratings.

As noted by the McCall Chamber of Commerce, “This designation is an unprecedented back-to-back national ranking and is rare for a rural county to receive this longevity honor.”

The Foundation is the nation’s largest charity dedicated solely to health.  You can only imagine how proud we are at River Ranch for our county to receive such prestigious awards that are based on a combination of economic health, physical health, social health, and environmental health.

Award-Winning Culture Deep Seated at River Ranch through Preservation, Restoration

From our annual “spring cleaning,” to projects throughout the year, the team at River Ranch continues to preserve and enhance the land and property assets, so our homeowners can pursue their passions and live a long and healthy life – just steps from their own front door.

This commitment mirrors our owner’s common thread of appreciation for the Ranch and their vision to protect all that the property brings to life for its residents today and for generations to come.

As spring comes into full swing, we see a rebirth of landscape enhanced by the efforts from last spring, summer, and the fall as well, that have become iconic to the vision and mission of our ranch community in McCall.

Thanks to extensive property and land conservation efforts, it looks like we are emerging from the winter in better shape than ever before and are beginning to see the results of the fruits of our labor.

Water Preservation ~ With our man-made lakes filled with fresh snow-melt water running through our community, natural ecosystems are just another feature that wraps in and around our numerous home and cabin lots. Last year we undertook an extensive irrigation and fertilization paradigm shift resulting in a 30% reduction in water use, initiation of all-organic fertilization programs and soil pH stabilization. As a waterfront community with priority water rights, the environmental benefits of these enhancements cannot be overstated.

Land Restoration ~ All our organic Biosol fertilizer and symbiotic natural root fungus treatments that we introduced into the soil and grasslands and our early winter double-dose of Biosol just before the snow arrived seem to have done the trick as a natural vole deterrent and soil enhancer as well.  From what we can see in-between the melting snowpack, most of the critters have decided to move off the Ranch.  And, with a little more sunshine, we fully expect to see the natural fertilizer take hold and regenerate the soil, provide the higher humus values, and better rooting and vitalization we annually realize from using this organic environmentally neutral fertilizer.

Healthy Habitats ~ Residents of River Ranch know that not a day goes by without a wildlife sighting.  We fully believe that the 5,000 + mature trees that we planted years ago and the continued attention that we give various plants and trees throughout the property are every reason why elk, deer, fox numerous birds and moose continue to call the Ranch “home.”  As part of our extensive “spring cleaning” list, we’re preparing to commence on our annual and appropriate tree injections and natural grass fertilization programs.

Property Improvements – The sweat and equity that was invested in our physical structures can be viewed throughout the Ranch. Last year we spent considerable time and resources restoring the wood on the physical structures with natural PH balanced stain products. Today, it looks like the properties survived the snow-filled winter with the Trapper Cabin and Community Ranch House ready to welcome residents and visitors to enjoy their magnificence inside and out.

Real Estate Seeing Strong Interest for Quality of Life in McCall

According to Realtor® Chris Reino who represents River Ranch,   “I have been in business for over 17 years, and I have never experienced such a surge in interest from buyers who seek a better lifestyle for their families. Property sales across McCall have been outpacing previous years, and local real estate professionals expect a busy buying season this summer.” We are already seeing this firsthand at River Ranch with our mid-winter Cabin Lot sale and early season strong interest from buyers.

As we gaze out and over our 458 acres of pristine riverfront property along the Payette River, there’s no question that life at River Ranch is perhaps one of many good examples of why our county continues to attain such prestigious lifestyle national awards.


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